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     Since November, our marketing department, technical department, Enterprise Management Department, Finance Department and Quality Department have cooperated with us in bidding work of China Southern Power Grid and China Mobile. Marketing Department Tang Juanjuan, Deng Fuzhen, Wanlu, technology department Wang Zhaolin, the performance is more outstanding, they work overtime, excellence with action to explain the dedication to duty, dedication.

      In order to ensure that the company has a better competitive advantage in the bidding process and can participate in the bidding on time and with high quality, Southern Power Grid and China Mobile have a tight working time, heavy tasks and strict requirements, the Marketing Department, Tang Juanjuan, Deng Fuzhen, Wanlu, and the technical department, Comrade Wang Zhaolin, in order to respond to the content correctly, take the initiative to dock with the customer, cooperate with each department to collect good information and upload it in time, when the task is heavy, they work overtime three nights in a row until after 1 am, and go to work the next day as usual. It is precisely because they will be practical action in the work, never slack, meticulous, in order to make Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau again won the tender, China Mobile with a high bid total score ranked fifth excellent results. Their work-oriented, regardless of personal gains and losses of awareness of the overall situation is worth our praise, but also worth every one of our colleagues to learn.

       In the light of the above, the company shall, after studying and deciding, give key praise to the marketing department, the technical department, the Finance Department, the Enterprise Management Department and the Quality Department, the Southern Power Grid, China Mobile Bid in the event outstanding performance of individual Tangjuan Juan, Deng Fuzhen, Wanlu, Wang Zhaolin and other comrades to announce praise. I hope that all colleagues to their example in the future work, proactive, hard work for the development of the company to make due contributions.

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Wednesday, December 2,2020

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